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Komar 科瑪

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Core values

          ——Win-win, risk sharing, benefit sharing and co-prosperity. 


Enterprise vision

         ——To be a respectable and supreme enterprise providing beauty and health products and services.


Enterprise mission

        ——To create value for customers, to create opportunities for staff, to create profit for investors, and to create wealth for the society.

Basic values
        —— Responsibility, progress, action, honesty, cooperation and compatibility.

Management concept
        —— Service first and response fast; quality first and efficiency supreme, team working, strict and professional.


Operation concept

      ——  Active innovation, perfect management, good service and stable benefit.
Service concept
  ——  Service consciousness throughout and action revealed.

  ——  Think on behalf of customers with concentration, consideration and perfection.

  ——   Service with high standard and details concentration.

Talent concept
      ——  Respect staff, train staff and achieve staff.
      ——  Choose talent by morality, use talent by ability and train talent by need.

Work principle
      ——  Three senses: sense of responsibility, sense of gumption and sense of compatibility.
      ——  Three consciousnesses: customer consciousness, efficiency consciousness and innovation consciousness.
      ——  Three spirits: team spirit, dedication spirit and pragmatism spirit.