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Technical force team
      After many years of accumulation of precipitation, Homar has formed the powerful technical force support system, and established the R&D center fully equipped with facilities, the technology and test center and the quality control center.


Advanced manufacturing base

      The production base of Homar Bio-Technology is built up completely according to the high GMPC pharmaceutical production specification. First, it is reflected in the air quality control in the workshop production environment. Second, it is reflected in the water quality control used in cosmetics. Third, it is reflected in the control of health level of personnel flow and material flow and prevention of cross contamination in and out of the workshop. Finally, it is reflected in the control of area transition of different clean levels. The whole production workshop ensures the requirements of clean air, healthy environment, rational layout, unimpeded flow, safe and efficient production.

Emulsion adopts the complete set of the most advanced domestic equipment- the vacuum homogeneous production equipment from Shanghai Light Industry. Filling and packing adopts the complete set of the full automatic equipment-the packing equipment from Shanghai Feipu. Bottle washing and drying process adopts the fully automatic integration equipment which is completely customized for the pharmaceutical industry.

At every important quality control point, it is equipped with the advanced video and data acquisition system which can do all kinds of production data real-time acquisition and uploading. Through the system powerful comprehensive analysis, the quality influential hidden dangers can be found and bugged in the process of production, which ensures the highly precise and highly intelligent monitoring and prevention in the production process to guarantee the high quality.


Production system equipment level

  a.Improve the pure water processing system mainly based on "RO" system + exchange resin system to guarantee the low conductivity of the pure water system (stably below 0.5 u s/cm for long-term), high-yielding water rate and the reliability of free microbial pollution.
  b.Modify the discharge mode of the emulsion pot to the discharge way by clean compressed air, to ensure no bubble in appearance and exquisite feeling of the material body.
  c.Introduce the pure water metering automation system to promote the operation automatic level in the premise of health guarantee.
  d.Introduce the weighing mistake proofing review system in the batching process, to ensure the reliability of formula weighing and the traceability of quality process.
  e.Adopt a complete central-controlled testing process in the emulsion process, to ensure the technical content of the self-checking process and promote the high level of emulsion quality.
      f.Adopt the new technology of electronic pulse fast bacteria in the central air conditioning system, to ensure the zero-free bacteria in the production air.



Reassured product quality

     The high level of technology and equipment in the quality control system is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  a.The introduction of chromatographic instrument, spectrophotometer, etc, realizes the testing ability of IQC key indicators of the raw materials and improve the high reliability of the raw materials quality control.
  b.The introduction of the United States imported BRIKFIELD standard viscometer guarantees the unity of the testing standard with important customers.
  c.The introduction of the standard color meter thoroughly improves the uncertainty of manual color matching through the digital judging.
  d.The introduction of the aging yellowing instrument eliminates from the source the inaccuracy of color matching caused by the packaging yellowing.
  e.The introduction of the standard light box ensures the accuracy of all kinds of color matching.
  f.The introduction of many sets of one over ten thousand electronic scales ensures the accuracy of the laboratory standard liquid weighing and thus finally the reliability of the test results.