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Top 8 Value-added Services

1、We supply qualified products of high competitiveness.

2、We assist you in the brand market construction and provide the complete product category.

3、We offer product planning: brand concept, consumption-end model, product concept and product structure.

4、We offer product design and development: product selection, application combination, packaging and laws and regulations.

5、Agency services for the brand registration, packaging purchase, inspection submission and supplier information.

6、The complete ISO quality management system and the production and material control system, guarantees the products supply of good quality, enough quantity and on time.

7、The professional product knowledge training is offered up to requirement to promote rapid product selling.

8、The outstanding team provides quality services.


 “Six masters” wholehearted services to create the professional brand

R&D engineer: introduce the technology content, effect, difference and special selling point of the product, introduce and popularize the product structure, technical effect, ratio of price and safety and stability.


Beauty tutor: introduce from application how to use, product portfolio and promotion plan, with an aim to solve problems in sales and application for the consumption-end and consumers.


Packaging engineer: introduce packaging characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, ratio of price and quality and purchase channels, namely for the brand customer to provide the professional investment budget reference for product packaging and provide information for quality standard and acceptance in the packaging development.


Graphic designer: provide additional services to improve the product sensory competitiveness and implant t the brand culture into the product packaging.


Regulations engineer: introduce the state regulation requirements of cosmetic products, help customers run their business legally and avoid market risks.


Production engineer: introduce the production process control to make customers understand the relation between production quality control and delivery time, and the raise the warning for possible problems in the production process.


Business procedure


 OEM service procedure:

Technology serving brand: research and develop, produce and process the products of your own brand, and free you from the investment risks such as the factory buildup, R&D and production.



 ODM service procedure:

System brand service: from the brand planning, product research and development to production, we offer you the whole system service and try our best to build up your own brand.