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Komar 科瑪

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Complete supporting facilities

    According to the international cosmetic industry GMPC standard, Homar introduced the international advanced technical equipment and production technology, including the vacuum homogenizing emulsion equipment, liquid equipment, filling system and other modern production equipment.


Reverse osmosis deionized water system

                                    Compressed air system

                                    Production environment control system

                                    Measuring equipment

                                    Production equipment



First-class production equipment

    Vacuum homogeneous emulsion machine: 1000L, 500L, 300L, 200L, 50L.
    Skin care (washing) mixer: 3000L, 2000L.
    Perfume formulation: 1000L, 600L.
    Filling machine: 8 multi-function filling machines.
   Filling line: 9 high-quality professional filling lines.




Efficient Production Capability


   Power equipment capacity: Deionized Water: 8t/h; steam water: 0.5t/h; compressed air: 12m3/minute; electricity: 400KVA.

    Stirring capacity: cream & emulsion: 1200 t/y; liquid cleanser: 6000t/y.
   Filling capacity: about 50,000,000 pcs/y, matched with the stirring capacity.