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Homar skin care research center
In July 2012, Homar gathered the elite from such fields as skin science, life science, surface science, and established "Homar Skin Care Research Center", configuring equipments according to the international standard and carrying out international cooperation for technology research and development. At present, at the R&D center there is over 20 supporting staff, including 12 senior technical personnel, of whom one is the fine chemistry professor, one is the cytology researcher, three are the senior cosmetic technical experts, one is the dermatologist, one is the pharmaceutics master and the last two are the senior chemical process engineer.



The R&D center is equipped with many high-end imported instruments, such as SHIMADZU chromatograph, double beam infrared scanner, ultrasonic broken instrument, IKA homogenizer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, German SIMENS multifunctional skin tester.



Basic functions of R&D center

Design formula and make samples for OEM/ODM customers.
Provide marketing service of “hatching” and development of the technical concept for ODM customers.
"New, Strange & Special" new product research and development and the depth research of the specific projects.
Product safety testing, non-animal test and skin feeling evaluation research (on the basis of cooperation)

Stability test and all related properties test and research.

Cosmetic raw material depth test, cosmetic anticorrosive challenge test, etc.

Management of transformation and testing of processing technology to production as well as related technical data.

Processing technology monitoring management and technical support for two cosmetic factories.


The Power-and-power union of strategic alliance
Based on the Skin Care Research Center, Homar integrates the R&D advantageous resources at home and abroad, and establishes various strategic alliance or stable partnership relationship with the related research institutions of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.
a.Established the technical cooperation partnership with the HEADLINE Research Institute of Natural Thins at Provenve, France.

b.Established the depth cooperation partnership with the Natural Aromatic R&D Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University for the future R&D platform in plant aromatic essential oils.
c.Established the strategic relation with the Japanese Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd (one of the world's largest company of natural products), through which Homar will have the new alternative partner for the future cooperation development for the world's latest natural plant extracts.
d.Established the factory hospital cooperation relationship with the Dermatological Department of Shanghai Huashan Hospital (the earliest and the most famous domestic authoritative skin research institute), through which Homar will have more professional guidance and the cooperation platform for some future clinical research and test. 
e.Cooperated with the global famous raw material manufacturers such as German MSD (Merck) Corporation, USA Dow Chemical Corporation, Swiss Roche Medicines Co, Ltd. Swiss Chiverton group. Through the long-term cooperation and development for raw materials and technical communication with them, Homar has guaranteed the stability of product quality and the leading advantage of raw materials as well as the research and development synchronized with the formula and technology of the international first-class brands.

Homar new concept for R&D innovation
1、To carry out the research projects and academic information resource platform through the inside and outside cooperation with the national high-end R&D institutions.
2、To improve the R&D framework, clear and develop the R&D system function direction.
3、Establish the R&D special fund in order to equip and enrich the hardware conditions and team organization matching the future R&D ability.
4、Establish the incentive mechanism, arousing the R&D potential and motive of the existing team.
5、Strengthen the closer connection between the R&D Department and the Marketing Department in order to bring the market development guidance force and promote the R&D technical support of product development.