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Komar 科瑪

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Quality assurance
  Homar Bio-technology Quality Control Center has 6 labs: 2 microbiology labs, 2 physical and chemical labs, 1 QA lab and 1 microbial challenge lab.
  The microbiology labs and physical and chemical labs respectively carry out the daily testing subjects which are PH value, viscosity, water, relative density, specific gravity, heat-resisting and cold-resisting, centrifugal test, conductivity, bacterial colony, mould and yeast, etc.



QA lab
  The QA lab mainly carries out the packaging related tests which are mainly anti-yellowing test, compatibility test, adhesion test, related parts mechanic test, leakage test, matching test, specifications test, laws and regulations application, etc.


Microbial challenge lab

  Mainly carry out the formula anti-corrosion performance test for new products, samples of which are transplanted in a variety of pathogenic bacteria and the composition of the mixed bacteria, through the contrast evaluation data to effectively evaluate their anticorrosive ability and their ability of microbial contamination risk resistance.


Quality certification
  ISO- 9001:2008
  FSC-STD-40-004 (Version 2-0) EN


Six functions of quality center
    Standard establishment
      Product evaluation
      System audit
     Supplier review
      Guidance improvement
      Quality control